Help Your Trees Reach New Heights

Help Your Trees Reach New Heights

Turn to us for tree treatment services in Ephrata & Lancaster, PA or the surrounding areas

Just like any other plant, your trees will benefit from regular care and treatment. At Parkway Tree, LLC, we offer a variety of tree treatment services. Our certified arborist in Ephrata and Lancaster County or the surrounding areas will work hard to come up with the best treatment plan for your trees.

Our team can perform:

  • Soil amendments and restorations
  • Pest treatments

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Protect your tree from infection

Fungal infections can be a serious risk to any tree. These infections will slowly eat away at the tree, eventually making them unsafe and more likely to rot and fall on your property.

Thankfully, our team can prevent these infections with our fungal tree treatments. Our treatments are highly effective and won't cause any damage to your tree.

Partner with us to learn more about our fungal tree treatments.